Post Booking Engagement & Upselling

Upsell With Ease

Look beyond your first sale to gain revenue. Real time engagement and right customer persona helps to upsell right product with right discount at right time

Give a digital assistant to every guest

There is a lot that customer wants to know & express about your service and product. Now provide a dedicated digital assistant for easy delivery of information 24*7 through a single platform.

Serve Better With Data

Data is everywhere. Now see patterns in your data from pre to post sales, & feedback to tailor right experience and gain loyalty

Improve operations with Artificial Intelligence

Collect & analyze enormous amount of data and get alerts and recommended actions in all possible areas of operation, marketing and sales

Salient Features

Enrich your customer profile for future campaigns

Integrated Digital Marketing

Intelligent Dashboard and Reports

Cloud Based subscription platform

Multi layer security

Why Should you think about Engage & Upsell

84% business who engaged guest from beginning reported increased revenue

Customer Experience and Engagement has moved from differentiator to business imperative.

Your customer base is changing. They have more technology at hand, they love more content & instant gratification. They hate one size fit all approach. Do you have a way to win in this digital first age? How do you know more about each of your customer?

Enhanced customer experience need not come at increased operational effort. Our advanced tech platform helps you get started to engage as well as get better with operational analytics in just few hours.

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Engage Analytics

Personalize customer engagement and get analytics to improve


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